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A journal about life at Dunowen House, West Cork. Exploring, entertaining, cooking, eating, making the most of this idyllic life.

  • Gooseberry and Ginger Baked Cheesecake

    Gooseberry and Ginger Baked Cheesecake

    I love a really good Baked Cheesecake and this combination of tart gooseberries, homemade gooseberry jam and the hint of ginger is a delicious combination perfect for a Summer dessert!

  • Ultimate Carrot Cake

    Ultimate Carrot Cake

    The sweet local carrots are just coming into season and who doesn’t love a good Carrot Cake?

  • Apricot, Lavender and Honey Tart

    Apricot, Lavender and Honey Tart

    This fragrant tart is Summer on a plate. You could almost believe you are sitting on a sun drenched terrace in the South of France!

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