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Midlife Radiance Retreat

Midlife Radiance Retreat

Move into Midlife
Radiant, Real and Relevant

When someone mentions midlife, how many of you assume negative thoughts instantly?
Midlife crisis, middle-aged spread anyone? Does “the change” really need to be spoken about in hushed tones and knowing glances?

Hell no!

Change can be a real positive. Change can invigorate and give new purpose – it can be as simple as a change to a healthier diet, a new approach to fitness or something bigger like a change of career or where you live. For me, it was all of the above….. but I do tend to push my limits sometimes!

Middle is not the beginning and it’s not the end – it’s that place in between where you’ve gathered well-earned experience, where you can be more comfortable in your own skin and where you can fulfill your goals without many of the insecurities that may have plagued your younger self.

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As I approach my 50th birthday, I’ve come to recognize attitude as one of the most aging traits in people. I’m not ready to give up on my ambitions or dreams – so many of us have so much to contribute. I do recognize that to achieve this we need to be fit mentally and physically, to not stick things on the back burner while we focus on other peoples needs.

It was while contemplating all these ideas and speaking with friends of a similar age that I realized how many of us can get stuck. We may have lived a certain way for so long and been so busy in that life that we can find it hard to take the time to consider how we can live differently at this age.

In developing the idea for our Radiance Retreat, I wanted to create something that spoke directly to real women approaching or in their mid-life. Having Kate O’Brien (dietitian, author & cosmetic science graduate) and Mari Kennedy (wellbeing consultant, yoga & mindfulness teacher, women’s developmental coach) on board was so important for me – they are both experts in their fields and are real women with real experience of how to live in your midlife fully alive.

If you are ready to be your real self, to be relevant, to ignite your purpose and reclaim your radiance as you cross the threshold into a fulfilling midlife, then this retreat is not to be missed.

Through yoga, wild swimming, glow skincare advice, personal enquiry and fabulous healthy food, you will
- Reclaim your body from exhaustion
- Reassess and reset your purpose
- Celebrate the wins and losses thus far
- Own this liberating phase of life
- Reconnect with the real you
And have some craic along the way……

Myself, Mari and Kate would love to welcome you to Dunowen House, West Cork this November and send you home with a new radiance!

Date: 9 – 11 November 2018
Venue: Dunowen House, Clonakilty, West Cork
Price from €400 – €550 full board, including all scheduled activities, meals and a fabulous gift bag.
Limited weekend day guest availability €280 pp.

Contact or t +353 (0)23 8869099 to book your place.

Radiance Retreat Timetable:

Friday 9th November
3pm Check-in at Dunowen House. Welcome with tea/radiance GLOW shot/ healthy snack
4.30pm – 6pm Yoga
7pm – 8.30pm Dinner
8.30pm Fireside open circle

Saturday 10th November
Early morning wild swim on local beach / walk at guests discretion
Light breakfast of GLOW shot, tea/coffee, fruit & yoghurt
8.30am-10.30am Yoga
10.30-12 noon Brunch
12noon – 1.30pm Skincare & Radiance session with introduction to the best GLOW foods for your diet.
Free-time Avail of additional treatments such as massage/reflexology (to be booked), swim, walk or just relax.
5pm – 7pm Gentle yoga & climbing back into your body (Yoga Nidra)
7.30pm Dinner followed by fireside circle

Sunday 11th November
Early morning swim / walk followed by GLOW shot & light breakfast.
9.30am – 11.30am Yoga
11.30am – 1.30pm Brunch
2pm Closing circle
2.30pm Check-out from Dunowen House

Healthy snacks, fruit & teas available outside meal times on a self-service
basis for guests throughout their stay.

Our Radiance Retreat Team:

Kate O’ Brien, Dietitian, Cosmetic Science graduate and author
After 20 years embracing Asia’s cultures Kate returned to Ireland in 2013 with her husband and young children. She is passionate about skincare, especially during midlife. Kate has written 8 books, including Your Middle Years (2016) and GLOW: Your complete four-week plan to healthy radiant skin (2018).

Mari Kennedy, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher
Mari is a leadership and wellbeing consultant, Women’s developmental Coach, Integral Facilitator, yoga & mindfulness teacher. In her late 30s, when her life was upended, Mari discovered how far she was from her real self. In that revelation she chose to step off the well-travelled path and follow her passion. Since then she has been exploring and experimenting with what it means to live a full and meaningful life as a woman in the 21st century.

Kela Hodgins, Dunowen House
Five years ago Kela, her husband and young family swapped corporate life and hectic schedules in Dublin for West Cork’s Dunowen House. Kela is proof that entering midlife need not mean forgoing your dreams and passions – she is happier, healthier, fitter and more content than ever.

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