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Clonakilty Living - fab new magazine launched

Clonakilty Living - fab new magazine launched

People often ask how, in less than two years of living in Clonakilty, we are now so completely at home here? Especially considering we had absolutely zero connections to the area before we moved from Dublin. I think anyone flicking through a copy of the newly launched Clonakilty Living Magazine would be hard pressed to find a reason NOT to move here!

As featured in the opening pages “Clonakilty has a unique vibe that attracts and impacts on people. This special atmosphere is infused by pride, tradition, culture, energy, landscape, humanity, freedom, opportunity and the craic” Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Having lived most of my 40+ years in Dublin, it’s still a joyous novelty to me (and my visiting parents) that I can spend a sunny Friday morning in Clonakilty where neighbours roll down windows of cars for a chat in passing, where I can drop into an authentic Farmers Market and catch up with stall holders and fellow foodie friends at every turn and where I can stick my head into my favourite butchers shop and they tell me my new hair style really suits me…. What’s not to love about that?!

Clonakilty Living magazine were also kind enough to interview us for a feature in the first issue. We were delighted to see that our love for the area, the community and our life here shines through. We look forward to spending many more years in this most welcoming and beautiful corner of Ireland. You may convince us to swap the blues for red and white yet!

Get your hands on a copy of Clonakilty Living this Summer.

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